Turning into a Farmer

When most of us got into the financial services business, we were taught to hunt down our friends, relatives, anyone who would listen in order to sell them something. Once we culled that herd, we were taught to “dial for dollars”. Remember? Then there was the thrill of that first big case, the “elephant”. It might as well have been a unicorn: elusive, sneaky, just glimpsed but never really able to touch it. For most, what I just described is a mixture of sheer joy and absolute terror. We were taught to be hunters always looking for our next meal. After visiting with thousands of agents and advisors from 40 to 85, I started to see a pattern, and it scared the hell out of me. A lot of advisors close to retirement can’t retire. Why? Because they were always hunting. They ate what they killed, and they were always hungry for more. Worse, they always thought they would be able to hunt.

Farmers are much more successful. They cultivate their crops. They nurture them, giving them what they need to grow. The harvest always gives them seeds for the following year. If they take care of their farm and tend their crops, they will have an abundance of food for years to come. Funny thing is, I have known plenty of both hunters and farmers. I know a bunch of farmers that are good at hunting, but I know very few hunters that know how to raise a crop.

Wealth Advisor CRM was designed to help you turn your practice into a business. To give agents and advisors the tools to turn into good farmers that still know how to hunt. Want to learn how we help you do it? Sign up for a Webinar today!

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