How I Made $4000 per Hour (Not how you think)

Agents and advisors are busy. On a daily basis, we are constantly bombarded with e-mails, phone calls, Webinar invites, etc. It is a miracle we don’t just sit paralyzed at our desk with all the different inputs we receive every day. We also have bad habits. Yes, me included. We get distracted. We check our e-mail “real quick”, take 5 minutes to look up something on the Internet. Next thing we know, 30 minutes have gone by and we realize we haven’t even found what we originally were looking for.

Sound familiar? I thought it would. Guilty as charged. Well I took some of that time back and made it very profitable. For five minutes a day, first thing when I get in the office, I review my scoreboard and opportunities on my dashboard. The scoreboard tells me where I am for the month, and where business is getting bogged down. The opportunities tracker keeps what is important, my clients and their needs, front and center as I go through my day. I have done that for the last 3 months religiously, and as a result I have increased my production by at least $200,000 per month each month for the last quarter. With my business mix, that is an additional $8,000 in commissions for two hours of focused time per month. That’s $4000 per hour! No distractions. Just business. Take control of your business and your time back.

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