Finally a trade blotter to spark business.

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CRM_TradeblotterPre-built for your preference of product.

Under settings you can add or change any insurance or investment provider and the corresponding products you use.

If you use Allianz for your FIA business, when you select FIA for Investment Vehicle and Allianz for Company the product drop down will auto-fill with the specific products you offer clients through Allianz. Admins love this feature as well!

    Completely customize your trade blotter with your companies so there is no guessing ever again!

LaptopBook ProSix steps to getting paid.

All trades follow a six-step process. Submitted to the BD/IMO/Business Manager, principally approved, insurance/investment company receives paperwork, the account is funded, the advisor gets paid, and the file/business is complete. Each time you enter the date of that completed task, a color coded status bar keeps track and your Scoreboard is updated.