Mine every aspect of your business.

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Simply, beautiful mining and marketing.

As you use Wealth Advisor CRM you’ll see our goal is to keep it simple. We constantly ask our team, “How can we do that with fewer clicks?” “How do we make sure an advisor or admin doesn’t get lost deep in the app, with no idea how to get back?”

It is a powerful tool, yet we have built it with a seamless, simple approach to make sure you are never afraid to go there.

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Your mining lists renew on their own.

Create a list of clients over 60 years old, that have an IRA in a Prudential VA, ASP II product over $150,000 who like golf and enjoy wine, in a matter of seconds.

Save that mining list and it automatically updates itself as new data is uploaded on your Wealth Advisor CRM site.


myminesMarketing automation is key.

Choose what best fits your practice and marketing needs and the mining section will become more and more vital. The saved mining lists will be essential parts of your planning and review. Your team meetings will be better facilitated with a simple, yet thorough, list of prospects, clients, review meetings, and assets under management.

Once you mine your book of business, you can use this Financial Advisor marketing tool to create that list and save it to continue building each time new info is entered.