Track opportunities so they don’t disappear.

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trackoppNever miss an opportunity again.

Have you thought, “What about that 401(k) John mentioned at our last meeting…” only to find out you missed that opportunity and he rolled it to an advisor down the street?

With Wealth Advisor CRM, you’ll never miss an opportunity again! Get alerts on opportunities right on the Dashboard and to your email! Make the Opportunity application of this CRM your 24/7 partner! Always looking for new clients and uncovered assets, It’s rare to find such a practical and easy-to-use opportunity system in Financial Advisor CRM software.

OPPORTUNITIES1Easily find hidden opportunities.

In Wealth Advisor CRM, opportunities can be clearly identified by selecting different drop down menus of categories. These categories can be completely customized to fit your business.

Need to see all 401K’s that have yet to be rolled over? Not a problem. Three clicks and you have a list of all those opportunities, with a one-click link to that client’s contact information and details to past calls, meetings, and emails.