Never go into another meeting unprepared.

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On the phone, in a closing, or client review; you’ll have what you need.

With this Financial Advisor CRM access notes from previous calls, meetings, and reviews as well as names, birthdays, important dates, and preferences. The opportunities you have discovered for that client will be right there for you. You’ll never hear, “I already told you that!” or “I gave you that last time!”

Every past, present and future detail will be right in front of you.

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A Financial Advisor CRM with Instant Client Recall!

While you are with your client, you will know what is important to them. You’ll have names and birthdays of each family member, who referred them, as well as where they work and who did their last review. All right in in front of you.

The strength of Wealth Advisor CRM is why compliance officers love this tool. Every note is time and date stamped.

Each time you have a conversation with a client you now have proof of what you said and when you said it; down to the minute. Protects you, helps the client, and keeps you one step ahead of your client’s needs!


iphone_tagsIf they have a passion or preference, you’ll know it!

Golfer, motor home enthusiast, backpacker, wine drinker, baseball fan, or horseback rider. Tag them to drip market or invite them to a specific event.

Remembering important information tells your client or prospect you are listening and care. In the end, a trusted advisor-client relationship is built!