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microsfotoutlookMicrosoft Outlook

Two-way syncing means you’ll never miss an appointment while out in the field, or a meeting your admin sets with a client over the phone. Changes, updates, cancellations from your Outlook calendar or your CRM calendar automatically updates the other… keeping everyone current on details and dates!

Enjoy a simple and functional CRM calendar. Syncing your new CRM calendar to outlook has never been easier.



Every client and prospect in Wealth Advisor CRM has a one-click integration with LaserApp. No more double entries from your CRM into LaserApp.

Locating the forms you need from multiple websites is tedious and time consuming. Laser App keeps all of your forms centrally located and updated, so you don’t have to search multiple websites for updates. Laser App is also a cross platform solution, so you can prefill broker-dealer and securities forms along with your insurance and annuity paperwork.



Wealth Advisor CRM is integrated with Mailchimp.

In the mining section of your CRM you can create lists that auto-populate when new data is entered in the CRM. With one click you can send those marketing lists to lists you have set up inside your mailchimp account.