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If you’re online, you have your office.


Wealth Advisor CRM is web based. Details from every conversation and meeting, contact information for clients, home office, wholesalers, websites, phone numbers, resources, and past client events. Everything you would normally bug your admin for, is now right in front of you.

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Simple and Easy.

This is the most comprehensive and, most importantly, the easiest practice management tool on the market. You won’t be sitting in classes, watching hours of videos, or thumbing through a manual.

A few clicks and you’re there. Our goal is very clear. Cover every part of an advisor’s day-to-day practice needs and always keep it simple.


settingsThis is your practice and your CRM.

In Settings, you’ll be able to customize the site to your specific needs. Tweak the site to fit your broker dealer or FMO.

Customize which companies and products you use on your Trade Blotter, client profile note categories, task categories, meeting locations for scheduling and much more.

This is the most customizable and flexible practice management tool in the industry.