Eliminating Distraction

We are all so distracted today. We can only take in so much information and remain useful. Yet, today as advisors we are constantly bombarded from every side with information. Each piece has to be examined and either acted upon or discarded. We do this automatically and, in some cases, subconsciously.

If you are like most advisors, e-mail is one of your biggest distractions. Go in to check your e-mail, and BAM you are pulled 14 different directions, from Web ads to the latest e-letter or daily data dump that actually comes twice a day (more on that later). Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to take back your ability to be productive?

Wealth Advisor CRM was designed, unapologetically, to be uncluttered and void of distractions. If you use the scoreboard and the calendar interface, the opportunities tracker and the checklists, all right there on the dashboard when you log in, you can get right to work on things that matter: meeting and talking with clients and prospects face-to-face or on the phone. For example, if you need to send a client an e-mail, you can click on their e-mail address from within Weatlh Advisor CRM. Your CRM starts whatever your native e-mail application is without all of the distractions, and allows you to communicate with that client or prospect, and then leaves the rest of the program shut off. Productive! NOT distracting.

By giving you only the tools you need to drive business and client connections, Wealth Advisor CRM can make you much more productive, increasing both your client experience and your bottom line.

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