Easy to forget

Right now I need a filter for a riding mower. I need to get a printer hooked up in my office at the house. I have a leaky faucet. I have a pipe fence that needs a rail welded back in place. I have two windows that need the screens replaced. I have a scratch on a truck bed lid that needs repainting. I have a door doing into my game room that needs to be replaced.

Why you ask do you need to know these things. Why you ask am I listing out the things that I need to do, haven’t done, and must get done or I will be sleeping in the dog house. O, that reminds me, I need to move the dog houses around the back….

What’s the point?

Some of those things I can do. I should do. I need to do. But, some of those things require a service person to be called out. Parts need to be purchased. In short, I need to spend money with people and businesses to get my “to-do” list done…

Almost every person you have met with over the past few months STILL needs to finish what they talked to you about. Every prospect you have ever met with, is just like you. They have 10,000 things on their plate that is screaming for attention. Don’t assume that just because they didn’t call you back, drop off that statement, or return your email that they didn’t have a good experience, or thought you were incompetent, or simple thought you were a horrible human being. No, 99% of the time life got back in the way and they had to put out the next brush fire.

Do this.

Look back over the meetings you have had over the past 90 days that did NOT produce business. Those meetings where you just knew they would come back in and move $500,000 of new money into that wonderful account they seemed so much to love when you first showed it to them.

Pick up the phone, call them, tell them you wanted to revisit that first meeting and wanted to know if they had time to get back together for coffee next week.

News flash.

They will either say yes or no. If they say yes, you book the meeting and ride off into the sunset rich and famous. Or, they say no, which might mean one of three things; no not right now (make a note to get back in touch in a few weeks), no I a) never won’t to talk to you again b) found a better looking advisor in LA c) I decided to put it all in gold bullion in preparation for the next zombie apocalypse (make a note in your CRM to send a birthday card or whatever appropriate zombie card Hallmark has created).

Either way, you have moved from wondering, to knowing.
Knowing is better.

The bottom line is this. All of know we need to get things done. Sometimes it is as simple as changing out a light bulb in the lamp. Sometimes it is getting a new transmission in the truck. Sometimes it is rolling over that old 401(k) that has been sitting in that orphan account at your old job, that you left three years ago.

Be that person that risk rejection to get back in contact with those that you’ve had contact with, that still need your services.

Go easy if the zombie guy says no.

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