The 1,000 yard stare

The phrase was popularized after Life magazine published the painting “Marines Call It That 2,000 Yard Stare” by World War II artist and correspondent Tom Lea, although the painting was not referred to with that title in the 1945 magazine article. The painting, a 1944 portrait of a Marine at the Battle of Peleliu, is now held by the United States Army Center of Military History. The phrase somehow was cut down to simply, “The 1,000 yard stare”.

In no way, shape, or form is the life an investment advisor any where near the sacrifice, hardship, or honor of a military man or woman; not even within a 1,000 yards.

However, the idea of being so “battled scared” and exhausted may in many ways describe anyone, in many different lines of work who finds themselves hitting the wall. As a financial advisor you may have found yourself in that awful place where you are being depended on by employees, clients, and not the least of which family, to provide insight, inspiration, and income. Only to realize you are staring at your computer screen wondering where the next client, prospect, and sale will come from.

It’s that 1,000 yard stare that locks you into thinking you have finally hit the wall, for good.

So, what do you do to avoid, come out of, and never go back to that place?

Take simple steps to build a system that carries you every day to a place where leads, prospects, referrals, and new money flow like a river. Where does this well spring come from? Consistent, tiny, measured steps, taken every day; regardless of how you feel, what you see, or if you think it will get you recharged.

I once had a close friend tell me this powerful mantra, “Do the next right thing you know you need to do, and the feelings will follow.”

I don’t care if Dr. Phil, Oprah, Grandi, or Donald Trump first coined that phrase! It works, every time.

Imagine right now if you had kept every single conversation in simple retrievable note form, with every prospect and client. What if you had that in a place with easy tags and links where you could click a couple of times and group, grab, and gather and build out a line of action steps to revisit those same folks. What if you could drip emails, letters, and invites to those same groups that you KNOW still need good planning. Your what if days are over. Wealth Advisor CRM can’t remove the pain of past mistakes, but we can provide a tool to help shorten that stare from 1,000 yards, to maybe 1,000 feet or even inches.

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